A small business on Roanoke Island, North Carolina was born at Thanksgiving in 1999.  My mother, Sheila Silver, had three children, ages 14, 12, and 8.  At that time she had no idea that this store would become her fourth child and my third sibling. 

Originally, the focus was on fine art.  Her keen eye and impeccable taste drove her to seek out and represent truly fine painters from various parts of the country.  Many of these artists are still a part of our business today.  Unfortunately, fine art was one of the first casualties of the recession in 2008.  What was an energetic mother-of-three and small business owner to do?

Diversify.  Unable to rest on her laurels and watch her small business (her fourth child) fail with the times, Sheila began incorporating lovely accessories, gifts, furnishings, and “sit-abouts” to appeal to a larger market and wider price range.  Her goal: provide the public with ideas and goods to make their lives grander, their hearts lighter, and their houses homes.  With the love and support of her three children and her beloved golden retriever, Sam, my mother created what we hope is a respite and sanctuary for first-time visitors and seasoned customers and valued friends.

In the spring of 2015 I came home again to Roanoke Island to raise my two sons, Winston and William, and join my courageous entrepreneur of a mother with her small business, her fourth child, my third sibling.  After sixteen years, the name of the store no longer suited its inventory and purpose.  And so after much thought and consideration, Sam & Winston was born. 

I am delighted to join this new venture and look forward to years of working to enhance this very special small business with my mother, my business partner, and my best friend.

Respectfully yours,

Creecy S. Richardson


“Sam,” my golden retriever represents an unwavering loyalty we hope to duplicate in our customer service and dedication to representing exceptional artists and offering quality goods to the public.  “Winston,” Creecy’s toddler (my grandson and dear friend of Sam) represents the next generation, the importance of family, motherhood, and devotion.  Our collections of goods are meant to join valued Southern island traditions with contemporary gift and design ideas.  I hope that our products and store will provide happiness and calm to our customers and their “next generations”.  What better symbol of our simple, timeless ideals than a boy and his dog?

I would like to thank all of the store’s loyal customers and friends for their support over the sixteen years John Silver Gallery has been in business.  I am thrilled to be starting this next chapter in my life and business with my daughter and new business partner.  I look forward to seeing you all at Sam & Winston in the years to come.

Best regards,

Sheila Silver